Часто задаваемые вопросы (faq) по DVD AUDIO

DVD AUDIO FAQ Question #1
What is DVD-Audio?

DVD-Audio is not DVD-Video. It is a different format. DVD-Audio is an audio format designed to provide the highest audio quality possible today. The quality of DVD-Audio exceeds that of conventional CD's. The format takes advantage of increased storage capacity, speed and flexibility to provide audio in both stereo and multi-channel surround. DVD-Audio discs store content in data packets that is ignored by DVD-Video players and only read by DVD-Audio players. In addition to audio, a DVD-Audio disk can contain a limited amount of video, which can be used to display text, such as lyrics or notes; or stills such as a photo album. It is also possible to manufacture a disc with DVD-Video on one side and DVD-Audio on the other, which opens up some intriguing possibilities.

DVD AUDIO FAQ Question #2
Can my DVD-Video player or my CD player play DVD-Audio discs?

No, not quite. It is expected that all DVD-Audio discs will contain a DVD-Video player compatible audio track but that track will not provide the higher resolution audio that is the basis of the DVD-Audio format. A player that meets the DVD-Audio specification is required to play the ultra-high fidelity audio tracks on DVD-Audio. The structure of information recorded on a DVD-Audio disc is significantly different than a CD and a DVD-Video disc. A CD player will NOT recognize or play any track on a DVD-Audio disc.

DVD AUDIO FAQ Question #3

What type of player is required to play DVD-Audio discs?

A DVD-Audio compatible player is required to access the DVD-Audio tracks. Some discs may also include DVD-Video type Dolby Digital or DTS audio tracks, which will play on any DVD player. Check each disc to be sure.

DVD AUDIO FAQ Question #4
What audio system is required for DVD-Audio?

A receiver or an outboard decoder with DVD-Audio standard digital connections and 6-channel capability will be needed to use the full digital resolution of DVD-Audio. Alternately a high end receiver or preamplifier with 6 RCA analog inputs, which does not convert the signal back to digital and which provides a wide dynamic range and frequency response is necessary to take full advantage of the DVD-Audio formats capability. A DVD-Audio player could also be used with a two channel stereo system since most DVD-Audio disks will contain 2 channel stereo tracks. Multi-channel disks will be down-mixed into stereo by the player.Consult your preferred audio hardware retailer to determine exactly what components you will need.

DVD AUDIO FAQ Question #5
Can I play CD's and DVD-Video's in a DVD-Audio player?

Most DVD-Audio players are designed as "universal" players that will be able to play DVD-Video disks and CD's in addition to DVD-Audio disks.

DVD AUDIO FAQ Question #6
Are DVD-Audio discs copy protected?

DVD-Audio is copyright protected by an embedded signal or digital watermark feature that uses signal processing technology to apply a digital signature and optional encryption keys to the audio so that new equipment will recognize copied audio and refuse to play it.

DVD AUDIO FAQ Question #7
What hardware companies support the DVD-Audio format?

Major manufacturers that have already announced DVD audio hardware rollouts include: Panasonic, Pioneer, JVC, Toshiba, Hitachi, Kenwood, Denon, Yamaha, and Onkyo just to name a few.

DVD AUDIO FAQ Question #8
Do artists support the DVD-Audio format?

DVD Audio is the ultimate "sonic playground" for artists, producers and engineers and it offers consumer playback closer to the studio master than ever before possible.Expect a range of creative releases from major artists in 2001 and beyond including titles from Aaron Neville, The Doors, Neil Young, Stone Temple Pilots, Natalie Merchant, Steely Dan and K.D. Lang just to mention a few.

DVD AUDIO FAQ Question #9
Do record companies support the format?

Unlike most new format introductions, ALL Major Music Companies have announced advance support and plans for the release of DVD Audio titles.